How you can make the most out of Signeer?

‘Goodness shared is goodness doubled,’

This powerful quote is justifying why successful companies are those who communicate the value of their products to their clients in the most clear way.  Inspired by this and aiming to further advance the knowledge of the Signeer’s value and opportunity for businesses, we decided to dedicate our present blog on how effectively one can benefit from using Signeer platform.

So without further ado here are  5 clear ways you can make sure you make the most out of the Signeer experience;

    1. Start with checking our FAQs OR give us a call
      We tried to create a product that’s easy to understand and use and tested with different age groups of business users. For our user’s comfort we have also collected all of the questions we have been asked before into an organized FAQs section. They cover almost any question on how the platform works.  Check it out, if you can’t find answer for any specific question then give us a call; we are very friendly and would love to help clear things up for you. If you are not entirely sure that the outdoor advertising is in your interest or if the spaces on the platform do not seen suitable for your campaign- call us! We may know about a site soon to go live on our website that is perfect for you. We also know what has worked for existing users in your niche and what has not and we are happy to share this knowledge with you so you have all to gain and nothing to lose from giving us a call.
    1. Use the filters and investigate the site profilesDescription SelectionYou will have your search results automatically ranked by the proximity to the location you inquired. If you have a specific type of space in mind or budget preferences, make full use of the filter options.Filter Both Options
      Before booking a space thoroughly read it’s descriptions and street-view the area. This is an amazing tool at your disposal; all our sites have precise locations that we have made an effort to pinpoint so when you come to street view you are never far away!Street View


    1. Bulk book
      The minimum booking period is one week but if you love the location, book it for longer! Not only could it save you on the production and printing costs but there is the added benefit that  we apply a 10% discount to orders of over 6 consecutive weeks and a 15% discount on orders of over 10 consecutive weeks. These discounts are automatically applied at the time of booking.
    1. Use the Watchlist
      The site is user-friendly but you can help yourself by using the Watchlist feature. If you like the look of a site with one click you can add it to your Watchlist. This list is displayed on your Dashboard when you log in. Simple!Watchlist screen
    1. Benefit from the one-stop shop solution
      Why not take full advantage of the services provided to you by the platform. The physical putting/uploading of your poster onto your selected advertising space is always the responsibility of the media owner. However, creating the artwork and producing it in a suitable format is something that you can include in your order when booking if you do not have it ready. The fees for these services are minimal as these services are offered only for the reason to make your experience with us completely hassle-free and one stop shop.Your selection zoom in

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