7 Reasons to Consider Outdoor Advertising for Your Brand

As online advertising has becHeathrow AirportTW62JJ-o6fzwome very popular over the years, some people believe outdoor advertising is out of fashion. In reality, quite recently more and more people and small and medium businesses are turning to outdoor advertising, through posters, billboards and digital screens to stay above the competition. This is a tribute to the fact that reaching customers through outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways to leave a lasting impression on consumers, that they will remember the next time they are heading to a store, whether online or in person.

If you’re not yet convinced that outdoor advertising is the right medium for many businesses, here are seven reasons to invest in outdoor advertising:

  1. Reaches the right audience. Which consumers do most businesses want to reach? The young, affluent, and mobile. This is the demographic that is most likely to take action when they see something they want or are interested in, and that is the demographic that most companies cite as their target market. And where is the audience?

 They spend the majority of their time out of their homes, traveling sometimes 200 miles a week (according to Forbes article published couple of years ago about whether outdoor advertising is still relevant; hint: it is!), to and from work. Those are the people you want to reach— you have to be where they are, and for the vast majority, that means on the side of the road as they sit in traffic on their way to work.

  1. Reaches your audience in the right context. What does that mean? It means that outdoor advertising reaches your audience when they are receptive to the message. Unlike online ads, which most consumers have trained themselves to ignore, billboards on the side of the road provide visual interest for passersby just as shoppers see a digital screen while waiting at the till. They want something interesting to look at, and they are more than willing to read an interesting billboard.
  1. Leaves a positive and lasting impression. Because outdoor advertising is, by its very nature, a highly visual medium, it is far more likely to leave a lasting impression on those who see it, than other kinds of advertising. A short, memorable snippet of words and an engaging image are likely to stay with your consumer. Just think about the billboards that you drive by everyday on the way to the office. You can remember the effective ones—the ones that make use of their visual nature.
  1. Compliments other advertising methods. Billboards should not simply be tacked on to your other campaigns. They should be fully integrated, containing the same message and driving the viewers toward social media and your landing pages. Making your outdoor advertising a condensed version of your other campaign is a great way to reinforce your brand message and help improve how well it sticks in the minds of consumers. Don’t be fooled—billboards generate more buzz than just about any other kind of marketing!
  1. Allows you to innovate. Billboards are far more useful than they used to be. In some areas, digital billboards and signs give you the ability to create even more visual interest, with movement and changing colors that attract the attention of consumers. Even if you prefer a more traditional stationary billboard, they are an opportunity to use your creativity to create something fun and interesting. That Forbes article also mentions that 68% of consumers in the US (it should be comparable to the UK too) frequently make shipping decisions while commuting and a quarter of respondents choose the stores they visit based on outdoor advertising.
  1. Cost effective. Compared to other campaigns that require a lot of maintenance and attention, outdoor advertising is fairly inexpensive and low-maintenance. It isn’t exactly a “set it and forget it” platform, but it definitely requires less attention than something like SEO or social media campaigns. According to WARC data for 2008-2011 it is the most inexpensive medium in the UK when it comes to cost per 1000 impressions. That makes it a great, and cheap compliment to your other efforts—and one that’s actually extremely effective. You’re not paying for space that doesn’t bring in business—you’re quickly earning your investment back by reaching your ideal customers when they are in the ideal headspace.
  1. Consumers do not control outdoor ad space. Last, but certainly not least, outdoor advertising is the only platform where advertising cannot be switched off. On the radio or television, the consumer can quickly change the channel. Online users can block all ads on all webpages. But they can’t block out billboards—and most consumers don’t want to block out billboards. Consumer control over the media isn’t a bad thing, but it can dampen the efficacy of advertisements on television, radio and internet. The same isn’t true of outdoor advertising.

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